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Frequently Asked Questions of Leeway Rent-A-Car in New Kensington, PA




1. Why should I rent with Leeway over their competitor?
Leeway understands that people in our community matter, and we want to focus on them. We have a less strict standard of rental requirements. Our employees live and work in the same communities as our renters and value our above standard of customer service. Our competitors have hidden fees, with Leeway - the price you see is the price you pay. We have pick up and drop off times on the weekends and don't make you pay for days you don't have the vehicle. We want you to come to Leeway once and never go anywhere else again.
2. What are the requirements to rent a vehicle from Leeway?
We require a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and a credit card.
3. What type of insurance do you have to have to rent at Leeway?
Most insurance companies will allow your coverages to transfer to a rental vehicle either as a replacement for an accident or personal use. We need each customer to have that coverage because we do not sell any coverages of our own. You can still rent if you just have liability insurance but a few restrictions apply.
4. How old do you have to be to rent from Leeway?
21, as long as the above insurance requirements apply
5. Can I take a vehicle out of state?
Yes, but we do have a limit on how far we send our vehicles, depending on the type of vehicle. Also because we are a local company we do not offer one-way rentals.
6. Does Leeway offer “unlimited miles”?
Yes, on most local rentals we do a set rate but for longer rentals or customers who are traveling we do offer unlimited miles.
7. Does Leeway add any fees?
No, we only charge what the rental cost is. There is no fee for additional drivers. Although they do need to provide insurance and driver's license. Also, as long as you return the vehicle with the same amount of gas and without damage or littered with garbage there is no additional fee.